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Étude Music Studio

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Private Music Lessons in Queens, NY and Online

One on one sessions focus on each student's needs and interests. Music learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience that helps the student become the player they want to be. The curriculum for each student is tailor made to help them succeed in their musical journey. Contact us today to book a trial lesson and find out how your journey begins.


Music Lessons

Guitar, Electric Bass, Piano, Theory, and Songwriting lessons for all ages.

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Our main philosophy is to create a welcoming environment that inspires our students and encourages them to continue to grow as musicians. Whether their interests are in playing rock solos, finger picking folk songs, programming beats, playing a nocturne, or learning how to record and mix music, we provide the steps that help them along their path of discovery.

I am a Berklee College of Music graduate with years of performing and teaching experience. Pedigree aside, the most important thing in teaching and learning music is being able to engage and connect with your instrument. I taught myself to play guitar, picking out Nirvana and Green Day songs. Learning how to play the instrument by playing the music that spoke to me allowed me to fall in love with guitar. I began to do the same with piano, and soon I was writing my own songs, performing in bands and school productions, and taking on my own students. Finding that way to connect to music and playing is key to maintaining the motivation it takes to keep moving forward. It was important to me to find teachers who believed that, and I strive to keep that philosophy in my own teaching today.

- Dominic Campanaro, Founder

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